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Note: This page is about the seagulls history while Gamevial owned it, to see the current version visit the Flylikeabird3 wiki or other sites.


The Seagull is a playable bird that was introduced in Fly Like a Bird 3 alongside the Crow and the Pigeon. It's one of the first birds, added to the game.

before the Swan, it was the only bird able to swim without taking damage. They are also the only birds able to fall/dive from high distances without crashing. Despite this advantage, they aren't used alot, often being only found in the cityscapes and the islands servers, where they seem to be more popular.


Like the Crow, a Seagull's diet consists of every various choice of food in the game, for except Cherries and butterflies.


The Seagull appears to be based off the species Larus argentatus(herring gull), with a white body, grey wings and back. the legs are pink, and the beak is yellow with a red spot at the end of the lower mandible. the wings have black spots on the outer most primary feathers, and a while line stretching along the tips of the secondaries. the tail is white.  


their eggs are brown with white and black speckles. the seagull's chick seems to actually be based off of a real seagull chick(or some sort of sea bird), even though all the other birds share this same model for their chicks.  

Flight Pattern

One of the reasons why it is so unpopular with players, is because of its slow flight and gliding speed (slower than a Crow, Starling, and Robin). One of its gimmicks swimming in water and never getting hurt. Flying out of the water is still just as slow as other birds. Another gimmick is its slow falling speed that turns any fall into a gliding jump. This often results in awkward attempts of retrieving items on the ground. It still crashes if flying straight into a wall, just not as easily as other birds(if you fly up at the last minute it will save you from crashing). it cannot "land too hard" unlike other birds.


They are quite popular with hackers, much like the Pigeon as several glitches are only exploitable with a Seagull. Since the addition of fish on the newest update, Seagulls can catch fish in any body of water, though fish are not found underground in the Islands or Hills, only in the oceans an rivers in the scapes.