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The island is a landscape featured in Flylikeabird3. It was added some time in 2011 - 12. Along with it, the Macaw was added as a playable bird.

It consisted of a large island, and a smaller one off to the side. Both were surrounded by the ocean, which fish could be found in.

On the large island, is a volcano thats located off to one side. Players can access it by flying down inside, although no lava exists in it. It has rocks on the side of it, and around the top. The Volcano is surrounded by palm and banana trees, which also grow in locations around the entire island, and adjacent to is a small hill. On one side of the island, between the volcano and hill, are some beach huts that the player can go inside. One of these huts has chairs that people would sometimes build nests under. Further down towards the beach from these huts, is a smaller hut that doesnt have a floor. On the other side is a long dock/pier, that reaches out from the land into the ocean. The main island was entirely surrounded by beach, which had various chairs spread out across it.

The smaller island located near it lacked any interesting features besides trees. It was often used as a safe haven for nests, after Gamevial added a feature that blocked humans from crossing the ocean to get to it.

Obstacles on the island include tourists, hunters, and for non aquatic birds- the ocean.

Fish were a new food source added later on, they were only edible to seagulls.