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Welcome to the Gamevial wiki. This wiki is dedicated to the history of all the games that the team Gamevial have created over the past years. You may know them for creating Flylikeabird3 and Lif, both of which were once massively popular multiplayer games, but did you know they created many other games too? This wiki will have a record of all of the games they created, singelplayer, multiplayer, 2D or 3D, as well as the history behind each one and any updates they received over time.

Gamevial themselves have sadly stopped creating and maintaining games, and most of the games mentioned on this wiki are no longer playable. however, a few still are (see below), and a record of all games, playable or not, will be kept on this wiki as Gamevial was well known back when they were still around. To see all of their games, check out the Games list on this wiki.

Anyone is welcome to edit the wiki, as long as they follow the rules listed below!

Can the games still be played?

Another team, Ravenwoods, has recently taken over ownership of some of the games, and they can be accessed here if anyone is interested! 

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