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Gamevial was a British game publisher and developer founded in 2003.


Gamevial was a portal for online games that began in 2003. They had multiple games available for players to access. Some of their most popular games were Russia's Army, TeamTanks, Fly Like a Bird series, and Lif.

They created multiple types of games, including 2D, 3D, Single-player, and Multi-player. Some were nature games, such as Flylikeabird and Lif, while others were first person shooters, like Russias Amy and We are the Robots. Along wit these, multiple other types were made, including puzzle games.


IMIGEA made over 40 great web games- and offered players the opportunity of getting their own custom game developed. They were the creators of Gamevial, uploading their 3D and 2D games on there.


On May 2017, Gamevial closed down due to lack of funds and the gradual death of web players like Flash, Shockwave, and Unity Web Player.

They then later passed over developer rights to Raven-Woods in 2018 .

Timeline of Events and Popular Game Uploads

2003 - Assuming by the website's copyright on the bottom of the page, the website was online in 2003. February 18, 2005 - Fly Like a Bird got first published out of Gamevial's curiosity after creating animal models and putting them to the test in a game.

2008 - They came back with Fly Like a Bird 2, Russia's Army, and We are the Robots.

2009 - Gamevial came out with Space-jet and Fly Like a Bird 3.

2010 - They brought Facebook to their community to share updates and have another means of communication.

2011-2012 - These were productive years of multiple updates for Fly Like a Bird and Russia's Army.

May 2012 - Russia's Army and Fly Like a Bird got released on Android.

July 2012 - Published their test server of Lif on Facebook.

September 2012 - Lif got published into the public domain.

March 2013 - Lif is now on android.

2015 - Lif made it on Steam!

March 2017 - Gamevial's concerning and slow downfall begins with this message on Facebook

"Right folks just a note firefox/google/apple have finally shut the webplayer/Flash/Shockwave down for good. We still have a collection of games in html5, so there's still good stuff up there, and we'll post further news soon, there is ironically lots going on under the hood."

March 22 2017 - Gamevial gave the community a choice to either put Fly Like a Bird 3 on HTML5 or Steam. Community was supporting the Steam Greenlit option, as it would sustain multiplayer unlike HTML5.

May 2017 - Gamevial shuts dowm due to lack of funds and the gradual death of web players like Flash, Shockwave and Unity Web Player.

January 2018 - A few of Gamevial's most popular games are handed over to Raven-Woods, so that they can continue to run them.

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