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Fly Like a Bird 2 is the successor to the original Fly Like a Bird game. This is the first installment in the series to introduce the MMO feature, in which players can chat and interact in virtual servers. The game was released in 2008.


In December 2007, Russia's Army was released to the public. The game included an MMO feature, which had been mostly new to Gamevial. This eventually prompted the creators to buy servers in order to hold the large amount of players in the game.

In January 2008, Gamevial reconsidered Fly Like a Bird. Multiplayer was added, and the environment was improved to be more realistic, and the bird (no longer a blank model) was formed into a pigeon. Gamevial also added the ability "to rise through the smog of the city into a clear blue sky". Many bugs that were present in the first game were mostly removed, and chips were placed more abundantly.