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Update 2020/2021: The game can still be played by downloading it from RavenWoods itch. site - they took over running it after Gamevial decided to discontinue it.

Note: This page is about the history of Flab3 while it was under development and run by Gamevial.

To see pages about features from Flylikeabird3 such as maps and birds, check out the category.

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Fly Like a Bird 3 is the third game in the Fly Like a Bird series that made its debut it 2009.

It proved to be quite popular, having a large following of people from around the world. This lead to it being available on Google play with a "lite" and "Full" version, and also as a downloadable link via the Chrome Web Store.

Development/ history.

Fly Like a Bird 3 was created by Gamevial, and underwent production in 2009. Two new birds (Crow and Seagull), alongside the pigeon, were added. The cityscape was adjusted and improved, and the MMO feature was once again included.

After the game's release, Gamevial considered adding more birds and features after high-demand. In 2012, they broadcasted updates to the game via their official Facebook page. Over time, more birds, maps, and other new features were added and improved upon. The latest bird they created and added were the Swans in 2014.

An Android version was released on May 7 2012, as well as a free lite version on Google Play.


The objective has remained generally the same. The player is able to fly around the map and poo on traffic wardens.


A multiplayer version was added as well, like Flylikeabird2 had. This was extremely popular, the main servers such as Cityscape1 almost always being full. In multiplayer, people could poo on each other, as well as chat and help others build nests and raise chicks.

Groups of people formed on the game, which often called themselves "Clans", and could usually be found in the lower landscapes.


New landscapes were added to the game.

  • Cityscape. - Original landscape
  • Hillscape. - 2010?
  • Islands - some time in 2011 - 12?
  • Snowscape - March. 23 2012
  • Industry. - February 27, 2013


A wide variety of birds were added.

  • Pigeon - Original bird
  • Crow - Original bird
  • Seagull - Original bird
  • Starling - 2010?
  • Eagle - some time in 2010 - 11
  • Robin -March. 7 2012
  • Barn Owl - May 31 2012
  • Parakeet - October 1 2012
  • Macaw - added October 24 2012.
  • Swan - February 2014


  • Traffic wardens - Original
  • Suits - Original
  • hunters - 2010?
  • Tourists - March 7 2012


Another new feature added to the game was nests and eggs. Birds could gather twigs spread around the landscape, and eventually lay an egg in their nests. A later update, due to popular demand, was added - chicks, which hatched from eggs and had to be raised. Once they grew up, they would fly away and a life would be granted to the player.


New food items were added - Chips, Pizza, Cherries, Carcass, Butterflies, and Fish, to match each bird species diets. Carcass could only be eaten by birds of prey and scavengers, while Cherries were for song birds, etc. The butterflies and Fish came with a newer update on December 19 2013, both more of a challenge to obtain then the original food items, as they were moving objects. The food was used to fill the in game "Poo-o-meter", which was basically the birds hunger limit. Flying, walking, and pooping would use this up, and a life would be lost if it was used up.


Poo-cam with arrows, Poo-meter, and lives

The poo cam was located in the top left corner of the game screen next to the Poo-Meter, and featured a view looking down from the player. This helped with navigation, as well as for landing on things.

Arrows were added to it, which guided the player to food items, as well as their nest if they had one.

Yellow - Pizza/Chips

Green- Cherries

Red- Carcass

Orange - Twigs

Purple - nest


Many obstacles were scattered throughout the landscapes. Traffic wardens, hunters, and other humans posed a threat to birds - they would result in a life being removed if one flew into them. Cars were added to the streets of the city, making it more difficult to collect food.


While Fly Like a Bird 3 is considerably well-made, certain bugs found in the game allow players to bypass ordinary standards established during development. Most of these have been fixed in newer versions. These were found on the older version on Gamevial's site.

These glitches were quite famous, most players knowing about them and often used them as a method to pass time. They found it fun to look for new ones as some proved quite challenging to do, and teach people about the already existing ones. They were also sometimes used to avoid hostile players, such as hackers - the underground glitches limited poo, so people could escape.

Most of these glitches have been fixed by either of the games owners by now, and they can only be accessed through older versions of the game.

Examples of well known ones.

  • In all landscapes, the "underground" could be accessed, either by flying at certain points in the map (hillscape, snowscape, and islands) or walking/flying under thing and getting pushed under (Cityscape, Industry).
  • Birds could get inside buildings - smaller ones did so by walking into the corner of one, and Swans could access any object by flying sideways against it.
  • A very old one would make people immune to poo if they clicked 3 times rapidly before entering a landscape on multiplayer.
  • You could gain access to under the tavern house in the hillscape by going through the chimneys. People used this as a place to meet quite often.
  • Nonames - people could hide the name of their bird by using certain emojis, or codes, thus making them impossible to find in game. This was used to attack others, and int turn the ones getting attacked would learn it to avoid attackers.


Note: It is advised not to use hacks , as it is unfair, as well as can be damaging to the game itself.

An external program was used by players to boost performance in the game by increasing their bird's speed, power, etc. This program became immensely popular and widespread during the games run, despite Gamevials attempts at stopping it. Many hackers claimed the game was boring without it, and refused to stop, forcing Gamevial to add a feature that would kick them.

Some of the common hacks were Speed hack - increased the speed of birds, Superpoo - removed the few second time limit between each time a bird could poo, SuperChick - made a chick grow rapidly and never grow up resulting in chicks the size or larger then the map, Twig - allowed people to build nests without finding having to go get twigs.

Other more dangerous hacks were also used, such as immortality and sneak hack, both of which were used by people to stop others from playing the game, or being able to go after them.

Other bugs

The game featured text codes, which allowed players to change the font sizes and color of their text. The size code could be used to lag the games servers and make everyone depart, and also move the chat around. The italics code was also some what harmful, as it could be used as a way to become a no name. The less harmful color code however, could only be used for changing colors of text.

Another bug that people tended to overuse was the giant chick one, which differed from the Superchick hack. This one was done by growing a chick as a swan, as they never grew up. It was a slow process though, as the chicks grew in normal time, instead of rapidly like in the hack.


  • So far, only Seagulls and Swans are immune to water. All other birds lose a life if they make contact with it.
  • Only robins, starlings, pigeons, and ringnecks can gain access beneath the house in hillscape by walking in the chimney. Every bird can get into the house by going underground first.
  • Because of their superior speed, robins and starlings are often used to kill other players in the game. Though Robins are much more common.